ilovejapanboys (ilovejapanboys) wrote in asianboysplz,
asianboysplz is my website

Hey everyone! This community is so cute! I am happy to join it!
My name is MISA. (pronounced mee-sah) and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I am 22 years old. I love fashion and boyfriends and music.
My name is Japanese, but I was born in Sweden and so were my parents. I was named Misa after my (Japanese) grandmother, making me a quarter Japanese even though you'd never know from looking at me because I look like a little blonde Swede. But I love living in Japan!

I actually, the main reason I moved to Japan was for the beautiful men. That's actually the real reason why I moved to Japan: beautiful, beautiful men. ;)  It's not a fetish or anything weird. It's not like I wouldn't date a non-Japanese guy. I just like slim men who can dress well and there happens to be a lot of men like that in Japan. I also think it's a shame that Asian guys have such a negative image and so many negative stereotypes in Western media. I thought it would be good to make a website because I am a European girl having a crazy, fun, exciting, interesting life in Japan. I thought that maybe someone would be interested in hearing about it.

My website is and it is actually all about....

But I figure I am old enough to write about that and I'm sure you're interested, maybe.
See you,
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