natcha555 (natcha555) wrote in asianboysplz,

valentine gift !!

here are  ur Valentine's gift <3
223 songs are ready to download now

here !!

(though they're not all LOVE SONGS, but i uploaded them with LOVE ^o^)

and some good news
i've finished uploading all of ur request
(not actually all but 90% are DONE ^^)
let's check and get 'em

here're the list

sekai hitotsu ni narumade (YA3 with KAT-TUN in 2002)

KAT-TUN- GOLD (ballad ver.)
shorty (koki solo)

Jun shibata - tameiki

BOA - moto
BOA - my name
BOA - girl on top

F.I.R.- qian nian zhi lan

Bennie K - schoolgirl

Aibo x Sho (ARASHI) - I'll make love to u
Jun Matsumoto (ARASHI) - don't cry

sev7n - passion (typsi remix)

FTTS - blind

FTTS - poison ivy

Change - G.O.D.

[ update !! ::  track 06-10 of BOA's OUTGROW album ]

[ update !! ::  A.RA.SHI.  and  Houkago Blues (GYM) ]

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